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These pages outline the institutional aims of The Friends of Borges. That is to say : the measure of our hope and what so far we have progressed towards the goal.

These are altruistic [not for profit and non-governmental] organizations requiring thus your financial support.
We therefore welcome any donation that you may afford in order to progress further and will assure you a lasting gratitude as benefactor with perpetual acknowledgment in the architectural work, the program, the cultural item (books, videos, play, etc.) or the project funded with your gift.

Whether as a person or as an enterprise, your sponsorship will be rewarded by the publicity linking your name to a noble cause of worldwide scope.

Furthermore the Spanish, French and European laws grant tax benefits for your financial support to our not for profit and public interest organizations.

Your sponsorship would be greatly appreciate for any of the following tasks:

a) A cultural or an educative Program of The Friends of Jorge Luis Borges Worldwide Society

b) An architectural Work of The International Foundation Can Mossenya - J L Borges

c) A cultural event or a performing play of repertory by The Asterion Players.

d) A cultural or educative item: a book, a review, a video, etc. by The Maker publications.

e) Our Website or one of its four sections - Friends, Foundation, Asterion or Maker - or one particular page of your choice.

For additional information and rates or to arrange an interview in order to discuss together how best you could benefit from a particular sponsorship, please contact us at :

Please sponsor now through secure on line systems from this page:
For additional information on tax benefits or other queries about how best to sponsor or to arrange a meeting to discuss a cooperation, please contact: The international Coordination .

1. NOCHEX (only for UK card holders), or

(for any major Card holders: VISA, MASTERCARD, etc.)

3. In addition to those two well know systems, international Card holders could also send their payment or donation in a new secure system by clicking on this banner to the order of

4. Alternatively, you can chose to send any amount of money through the BANK or financial institution or your choice by transfer to one of the following BANK accounts:

Account of The International Foundation Can Mossenya - J L Borges
From SPAIN: 2038 1168 26 6000468207 (Caja de Madrid)
From any other country: IBAN ES 83 2038 1168 26 6000468207 (Caja de Madrid)

Account of The Friends of Jorge Luis Borges Worldwide Society
From FRANCE: 30041 - 00001 - 24 - 0205149242H
From any other country: IBAN FR 45 / 3004 / 1000 / 0151 / 4924 / 2H02 / 024

The following are a few examples of events requiring sponsorship:
I accept payment using NOCHEX

Sponsor a Book
Edition of 2000 copies of the highest quality print

Sponsor a number or the Review 'Fervour of Borges'
Edition of 2000 copies, highest quality print.

Sponsor the production of a Play by the Asterion Players
[It represents 6 to 12 months work for the Company]

Web sponsorship & advertisement
There are many possibilities and a combination of them to your choice:

1. Exclusive web site
2. Welcome (home page)
3. Section Welcome page
4. Option Page
5. Sub option Page

Please contact the Sponsorship office for additional information and rates to suit your budget.

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En el IV centenario de la muerte, Cervantes cumple 469 años y Shakespeare 452 años de juventud ...
La falsa viuda Kodama insulta a Bioy Casares y a Borges, como ella insulta a quienes denuncian sus maniobras criminales para apoderarse del bien ajeno ...
Cae acusada de corrupción otra infame María ladrona que complotaba contra los Amigos de Borges en Mallorca junto a la falsa viuda Kodama...
Bioy revela en su libro de conversaciones con su entrañable amigo Borges, que el poeta vírgen vivió sus últimos años temiendo el carácter "extraño" de su última asistenta la falsa viuda Kodama ...


DONE porque un hecho hermoso es una alegría para siempre.

PATROCINE un programa, una obra, una página web o un evento... y goce de los beneficios de apoyar una buena causa.

COOPERE para compartir con otros su conocimientos y obtener el apoyo que necesite su proyecto artístico o carrera profesional.

ASÓCIESE y disfrute los privilegios de su membresía.

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