[Pantalla: How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth?
by Sir David Attenborough -Patron of the Optimum Population Trust-
a BBC Horizon documentary.

[Watch full documentary clicking here]



By conspiring against Bernie Sanders a corrupt "Democratic" Party helped the vitory of a dangerous Donald Trump

Camille Paglia on Hillary Clinton: ‘The woman is a disaster!’

Talking to Camille Paglia is like approaching a machine gun: madness to stick your head up and ask a question, unless you want your brain blown apart by the answer, but a visceral delight to watch as she obliterates every subject in sight. Most of the time she does this for kicks. It’s only on turning to Hillary Clinton that she perpetrates an actual murder: of Clinton II’s most cherished claim, that her becoming 45th president of the United States would represent a feminist triumph.
Not that Paglia was always opposed to the Clintons. She voted for Bill Clinton twice before becoming revolted by the treatment meted out to Monica Lewinsky: ‘One of the very first interviews I did here — the headline was “Kind of a bitch — why I like Hillary Clinton”. My jaundiced view of her is entirely the result of observing her behaviour. And last election, I voted for Jill Stein’s Green party. So I have already voted for a woman president.’

... read the full interview in The Spectator

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Enough with the Hillary cult: Her admirers ignore reality, dream of worshipping a queen :
Clinton voters overlook money lust, shadowy surrogates, sociopathic policy shifts, horrific overseas record. Why? ... [+]

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For Russia and Putin, a Surprise Gift From America ... [+]

Obama a invité Trump jeudi à la Maison-Blanche ... [+]

Trump lanza en su primer discurso como presidente un mensaje de integración y agradecimiento ... [+]

The Middle East will present Donald Trump with a terrifying choice  and he won't be able to handle it: What does Trump actually do when these lands present a “threat” to the West? Dust off his anti-Muslim hatreds? Call up his mate Vladimir? Ask for an atlas? ... [+]

Our Revolution,
Launch Event with Bernie Sanders

... more at OurRevolution.org

A Tunisian criminal -well known to French police for previous armed attacks- strikes again murdering a hundred persons while crowds were celebrating Bastille Day in Nice

The lone terrorist used a hired lorry -full of arms and explosives- to kill at least 84 people in a terrorist attack during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, it emerged on Friday.

Many children were among the death toll in the Riviera city following a "cowardly and barbaric" atrocity (while no security forces were protecting the people celebrating the National Day of the French Republic! otherwise the lorry would had found the access to the zonee forbiden) .

As hundreds remained in hospital, including 18 in intensive care, anti-terrorist judges opened an investigation into ‘mass murder’.

... more in The Telegraph - France 24 - BBC - The Guardian - The Independent - Libération

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Abdelhamid Abaaoud n'est pas le "commanditaire" des attentats du 13 novembre 2015, d'après le patron de la DGSE dont les propos ont été révélés mardi. Il a préféré rester "discret" sur l'identité du véritable cerveau des attaques... [+]

Remarkable farewell speech by Rt.Hon. David Cameron, PM
& inaugural speech as Prime Minister by Rt.Hon. Theresa May

... more in the BBC - The Guardian - The Independent - The Telegraph

As Andrea Leadsom drops out of the leadership election, Theresa May will be the next Prime Minister of the UK

At Habeas-Corpus.net we support Mrs Andrea Leadson, trusting that grassroots members of the Conservative Party will chose her for our next Prime Minister, for none would forget the betrayal by the Home Secretary of the promised vote in Parliament regarding the widely abused European Arrest Warrant less than 2 years ago, which caused so many victims, including our editor on the incredible allegation -from a political Spanish Mafia- of lending him the intention to commit a future crime as honorary chair of a not for profit, public interest international NGO. Therefore we trust that the Conservative Membership will chose wisely remembering that s/he who betrays the democratic process once, would be prone to betray the people again.

...more in the BBC - The Telegraph - The Independent - The Guardian

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The reputation of Tony Blair has never recovered from the disastrous invasion of Iraq. Now the long-awaited inquiry has hung an unforgiving verdict around his neck ... [+]

When you cross-reference Theresa May's speech with her voting record, it's as if she didn't mean anything she said ... [+]

Boris Johnson spells out a 5 points plan for a much brighter future for the UK & the rest of Europe by breaking free from the antidemocratic yoke of the EU bureaucracy

... In the old days, the Lefties used to dismiss the EU as a bankers’ ramp. Tony Benn thought it was unacceptably anti-democratic. Jeremy Corbyn used to vote against it in every division. Why has it suddenly become so fashionable among our nose-ringed friends? I tried to think which of the EU’s signature policies they were so keen on. Surely not the agricultural subsidies that make up most of the budget, and that have done so much to retard development in the Third World. They can’t – for heaven’s sake – support the peak tariffs that discriminate against value added goods from Sub-Saharan Africa. Nor can they possibly enjoy the sheer opacity of the system – the fact that there are 10,000 officials who are paid more than the Prime Minister, and whose names and functions we don’t know.

They can’t really be defending the waste, the fraud – or the endless expensive caravan of crémant-swilling members of the European Parliament between Brussels and Luxembourg and Strasbourg. Are they really demonstrating in favour of the torrent of red tape that has done so much to hold back growth in the EU? It seems an odd sort of campaign theme: what do we want? More Brussels law-making! When do we want it? Now!

Naturally, Lefties might want laws to protect the workforce – but they would surely want those laws to be made by politicians that the people could remove at elections. No: the more I thought about it, the odder it seemed. It was incredible that these young and idealistic people should be making a rumpus about the euro – the key policy of the modern EU – when that project has so gravely intensified suffering in many southern EU countries, and deprived a generation of young people of employment.

...These fears are wildly overdone. The reality is that the stock market has not plunged, as some said it would – far from it. The FTSE is higher than when the vote took place. There has been no emergency budget, and nor will there be. But the crowds of young people are experiencing the last psychological tremors of Project Fear – perhaps the most thoroughgoing government attempt to manipulate public opinion since the run-up to the Iraq War.

When Geldof tells them that the older generation has “stolen your future” by voting to Leave the EU, I am afraid there are too many who still believe it. It is time for this nonsense to end. It was wrong of the Government to offer the public a binary choice on the EU without being willing – in the event that people voted Leave – to explain how this can be made to work in the interests of the UK and Europe. We cannot wait until mid-September, and a new PM. We need a clear statement, now, of some basic truths:

1) There is no risk whatever to the status of the EU nationals now resident and welcome in the UK, and indeed immigration will continue – but in a way that is controlled, thereby neutralising the extremists.

2) It is overwhelmingly in the economic interests of the other EU countries to do a free-trade deal, with zero tariffs and quotas, while we extricate ourselves from the EU law-making system.

3) We can do free-trade deals with economies round the world, many of which are already applying.

4) We can supply leadership in Europe on security and other matters, but at an intergovernmental level.

5) The future is very bright indeed. That’s what Geldof should be chanting.

...read the full article in The Telegraph

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'A Pure Theory of Democracy' by Antonio Garcia-Trevijano clicking here

The UK votes to break free from the antidemocratic yoke of the EU and saves again Europe from tyranny

Prime Minister David Cameron is to step down by October
Mr Cameron made the announcement in a statement outside Downing Street after the final result was announced. He said he would attempt to "steady the ship" over the coming weeks and months but that "fresh leadership" was needed. The PM had urged the country to vote Remain, warning of economic and security consequences of an exit, but the UK voted to Leave by 52% to 48%. England and Wales voted strongly for Brexit, while London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed staying in. UKIP leader Nigel Farage hailed it as the UK's "independence day" but the Remain camp called it a "catastrophe". The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985 as the markets reacted to the results.
Watch Prime Minister David Cameron dignified resignation

Watch Boris Johnson, MP:

Watch George Galloway: We are not leaving Europe we are rejoining the world

...more in the BBC - The Guardian - The Telegraph - The Independent

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EU Referendum: The Great Debate

At Habeas-Corpus.net we think the UK should break free from the anti-democratic EU - this coming Thursday the 23rd June- to free again Europe from tyranny as already did in the II War World

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Queen reportedly asks dinner guests for three good reasons why Britain should be part of EU:
Buckingham Palace spokesman says monarch ‘is above politics and acts on the advice of her Government in political matters’ in response to royal author Robert Lacey’s claim ... [+]

EU Referendum campaign suspended by the barbaric murder of the Hon. Mrs Jo COX, Member of the UK Parliament ...[+]

Deeply horrified by the barbaric crime ending the life of the Hon. Mrs Jo Cox, at Habeas-Corpus.net we join in sorrow with all who love Mrs Cox and care for the UK.

Read husband Brendan Cox's statement: 'Jo would have no regrets about her life, she lived every day of it to the full' ... [+]

Thomas Mair: Man arrested in connection with Jo Cox attack was a 'loner' with 'history of mental health problems'... [+]

Jo Cox murder: Labour MP's 'security was being increased' after 'three-month harassment campaign' before she was shot and killed ... [+]

Jo Cox killing: vigils held across the UK live ... [+]

Time in United Kingdom:

"The first request of civilization ... is that of justice."
Sigmund Freud

"El adversario estratégico es el fascismo …el fascismo en todos nosotros, en nuestras cabezas y en nuestro comportamiento de todos los días, el fascismo que nos conduce a amar el poder, a desear la cosa misma que nos domina y nos explota a nosotros."
Michel Foucault

"El capitalismo, todos sabemos, es la explotación del hombre por el hombre. ¿Y el socialismo? La inversa."
Jacques Lacan

"Even if supported by a minority of one, truth is still the truth." ..."Truth stands, even if there be no public support."

'In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.'
George Orwell



Wake up America: Bernie Sanders would make the greatest administration for all working Americans and to change the world for the better.

The Clinton Mafia or how to become immensely rich using public office

'Clinton Cash' doc set to stir up controversy as it debuts at Cannes ... [+]

Center for Public Integrity's ICIJ rocks the world with Panama Papers
Center's ICIJ arm drives largest leak, biggest journalistic collaboration, triggering outrage and a resignation ... [+]

Sanders wins Wisconsin by another landslide

... more in MNSBC - New York Times - The Guardian
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Sanders made history with his New Hampshire primary win, also becoming the first non-Christian to win a state in a presidential primary ... [+]
Watch the New Hampshire full debate between Clinton vs Sanders:

Sanders wins in West Virginia Democratic primary

Media Moves to Silence Bernie Sanders Campaign

Bernie Sanders wins Utah and Idaho ... [+]

Straight Talk From Bernie Sanders on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict ... [+]

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Julian Assange's arbitrary detention must end at once, UN panel finds. Sweden must drop immediately the fake case against the founder of Wikileaks.

WikiLeaks chief, who has been holed up since 2012 in the Ecuadorian embassy, has won UN backing.
A United Nations panel has decided that Julian Assange’s three-and-a-half years in the Ecuadorian embassy amount to “arbitrary detention”, leading his lawyers to call for the Swedish extradition request to be dropped immediately.
A Swedish foreign ministry spokeswoman confirmed that the UN panel, due to publish its findings on Friday, had concluded that Assange was “arbitrarily detained”.
The WikiLeaks founder sought asylum from Ecuador in June 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden to face questioning over rape and sexual assault allegations, which he denies.
The panel’s findings were disclosed to the Swedish and British governments on 22 January, and will be published on Friday morning. Their judgment is not legally binding but can be used to apply pressure on states in human rights cases.

... more in The Guardian - BBC - The Independent - El Confidencial - El Español - Democracy Now - Le Figaro - La Repubblica - Wikileaks - Justice For Assange

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Julian Assange accuses UK minister of insulting UN after detention finding: Foreign secretary Philip Hammond dismisses panels finding as ridiculous but WikiLeaks founder hails sweet victory ... [+]

Julian Assange decision by UN panel ridiculous, says Hammond -disqualifying himself as UK Foreign Secretary ... [+]

Assange celebra su "victoria histórica" y pide que finalice su "detención ilegal" ... [+]

Julian Assange: "Es una victoria innegable e histórica": El fundador de Wikileaks celebra la decisión de Naciones Unidas, que ha considerado "arbitraria" la orden de arresto contra él. Amenaza con tomar medidas legales si la detención se mantiene... [+]

Julian Assange: The Untold Story Of An Epic Struggle For Justice ... by John Pilger

U.N. Panel Calls for Julian Assange's Freedom from "Arbitrary Detention" ... [+]

Assange feels vindicated by U.N. panel ruling he's being 'arbitrarily detained' ... [+]

Assange Calls On Sweden, Britain To Allow Him Freedom After UN Panel Report: he has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012... [+]

Julian Assange: UN ruling is 'legally binding': Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has described a UN ruling, that he has been arbitrarily detained by the UK and Sweden, as a "victory" for himself and the "independence of the UN... [+]

Julian Assange case: Who is on the UN's expert panel? ... [+]

Timeline of Julian Assange's long legal battle ... [+]

'El Español' entrevista al abogado y pensador Antonio García-Trevijano, autor, entre otras obras, de 'Teoría Pura de la República' y 'Frente a la Gran Mentira', dos obras esenciales para comprender las causas de la corrupción institucional y el antídoto que constituye la Democracia Representativa

A Antonio García-Trevijano no hace falta presentarlo. Es una institución. Tras haber sido uno de los dirigentes de la oposición al franquismo, a través de la Junta Democrática y luego de la Platajunta, se convirtió en el apóstol de la ruptura. Asegura que en nuestro país sólo triunfan los traidores y lleva bajo sus hombros el legado de las dos Españas: la que fue derrotada y la que nació de la Transición -a su pesar-. Ahora dirige el Movimiento Ciudadano por la República Constitucional, "una semilla que florecerá en cien años", dice.

Nos recibe en su casa de Somosaguas, un chalet enorme vestido como el palacio de la República que hubiera podido presidir. Descansa sobre un diván flanqueado por una escultura de bronce de Dalí y otra de un buda japonés del siglo XII, rodeado cuadros, tapices y todo tipo de muebles clásicos atesorados durante media siglo.

... lea la excelente entrevista de Mariano Gasparet en 'El Español'

Gracias a un juez honesto, comienza el juicio a un reino feudal mafioso del caudillo Bribón y su corrupta familia real
El juicio por el caso Nóos contra la infanta Cristina Borbón -representada por el separatista Miquel Roca Junyent, representante también de otra bribona: la falsa viuda Kodama, muy relacionadas con toda esta mafia que saqueó España.

La Infanta Cristina se sienta desde este 11 de enero en el banquillo de los acusados como presunta cooperadora de su marido, Iñaki Urdangarin, en dos delitos fiscales. Desde ELMUNDO.es le contaremos con todo detalle todo lo que suceda en el llamado juicio del siglo, que decidirá el futuro de la hermana menor del Rey.

... más en El Mundo - Público - BBC - The Guardian - Voz Populi - El Confidencial - The Independent - Libertad Digital - The New York Times

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Spain's Princess Cristina on trial in fraud case ... [+]

King of Spain's sister appears in court to face tax evasion charges: Infanta Cristina is alleged to have been complicit in illegal business affairs of husband Iñaki Urdangarin ... [+]

Fraud trial for Princess Cristina opens in Spain: First royal-family member to stand in the dock is accused with her husband of embezzling at least 6m euros in public contracts (and that is only the tip of the iceberg)... [+]

Falta un Borbón en el banquillo (el corrupto Caudillo Juan Carlos) ... [+]

La independencia del Poder Judicial: Prueba de Fuego en el Juicio a La Infanta Cristina ... [+]

Apoye la extraordinaria labor del sindicato Manos Limpias contra la corrupción institucional, en favor del interés ciudadano ... [+]

Diego Torres publica un libro sobre Urdangarin, la Casa Real y el Instituto Nóos: La distribución de 'La verdad sobre el caso Nóos' (Foca), en el que el exsocio del marido de la infanta se niega a acatar el papel de chivo expiatorio, coincide con el inicio de la vista ... [+]

El valiente juez Castro asegura que es "una falta de respeto" decir que "Hacienda no somos todos": "Esto de que 'Hacienda no somos todos' es una cosa que ya se temía, pero que te lod igan en la cara me parece una falta de respeto hacia los que, ingenuamente, hemos pagado nuestros impuestos creyendo en este principio", ha asegurado el instructor del caso Nóos... [+]

Caso Nóos-Bribón: la hora de la verdad para el reino mafioso de hispania... [+]

Pillan al fiscal Horrach -defensor de la corrupta infanta Borbónica- con su carrito robado a un supermercado: Esa foto del carrito dice más de la Justicia en España que cualquier tratado. Alguien que quisiera demostrar la bananera Justicia hispánica, no tendría más que aportar esa foto como prueba ... [+]

En Espagne, l'infante Cristina sur le banc des accusés ... [+]

L'infante d'Espagne jugée pour détournements de fonds... [+]

Cristina, Schwester des spanischen Königs Felipe, steht wegen Steuerbetrugs auf Mallorca vor Gericht. Es geht um die Veruntreuung mehrerer Millionen Euro öffentlicher Gelder und einen Ehebrecher... [+]

Spanish Princess Cristina in court as fraud case begins ... [+]

La «doctrina Botín» no es aplicable al "caso Borbón": Fue este medio [Diario Español de la República Constitucional] el primero en tratar en prensa el ahora llamado “Caso Nóos” (en realidad “Caso Borbón”) cuando ningún medio se atrevía si quiera a citar las primeras diligencias practicadas. La gravedad de los hechos ha hecho inevitable que se convirtiera luego en primera plana general. De la misma forma, sería falsa modestia no sentir la satisfacción de ver cómo la doctrina más prestigiosa del Derecho Penal español, e incluso la propia defensa de la acción popular coinciden en los fundamentos aquí expuestos desde hace tiempo sobre la inaplicación de la doctrina Botín a la Infanta Cristina para evitar su enjuiciamiento plenario.
... lea el excelente artículo de Pedro M. González en DiarioRC.com

Why the UK should break free from the yoke of the anti-democratic EU to save again Europe from tyranny (as already did in II World War)

Alexander Litvinenko murder: Kremlin ordered his assassination with a nuclear terrorist act in the UK – Putin named in report (a close partner of Juan Carlos I head of another mafia state)

... more in The Independent - The Guardian - The Telegraph - BBC - El Español - El Confidencial - El Mundo

Invitamos a firmar la petición en Change.org dirigida a los jefes de estados de Argentina y del Vaticano para que demuestren sus compromisos públicos de erradicar la impunidad institucional, ayudando a encontrar inmediatamente Clara Anahí Mariani; en vez de seguir encubriendo los criminales secretos de la dictadura fascista.

¿Por qué Habeas Corpus?

En honor de la Carta Magna firmada por el rey Juan I de Inglaterra, el año 1215, donde se consagra las libertades y derechos de la persona humana.
Desde entonces el Habeas Corpus, instituído en el reino de Inglaterra hace ya más de 800 años, es la piedra fundamental de la arquitectura jurídica para garantizar la libertad y derechos de la persona humana frente a los abusos de poder por cualquier agente del esta.
Los ingleses se han caracterizado siempre por ser poco sumisos para soportar tiranías, y por llevar a sus instituciones desde todos los momentos de su vida, principios éticos que garantizaron las libertades de sus ciudadanos. El pueblo inglés fue el primero a luchar contra el absoloutismo, con actos de completa y noble rebelión y contra la disgregación social que trajo el feudalismo; su nobleza les protegió de comportarse como otros pueblos, que se complacen en la opresión del débil y en conducirse en esclavos del tirano de turno.
El pueblo inglés, educado por Alfredo el Grande, después de haber expulsado en el año 871 a los dinamarqueses que habían invadido y dominado la Isla, pone un valladar a la opresión, y así en el año 1100 vemos arrancar a Enrique I, la famosa Carta de Libertades, cuerpo jurídico imperfecto, pero de gran valor en la historia del derecho constitucional británico. Era la reacción producida por el despotismo absoluto del reinado anterior de su hermano, Guillermo II, y desde ese momento, ya iniciada la corriente de la libertad, se suceden una serie de cartas, obtenidas con luchas unas, por persuasión otras, y así en el año de 1136, Esteban, Rey de Inglaterra, otorga su Carta sobre las Libertades del Reino y de la Iglesia, siguiéndole la promulgada por su hijo Enrique el Joven - Plantagenet el día de su coronación. Luego vino la primera Carta Magna, origen de las libertades inglesas, que refunde y amplia los principios ya obtenidos.
En 1215 la Carta Magna estableció limitaciones al poder real y consagró el principio de la libertad individual. Era evidente la necesidad de garantizar la vigencia real de este derecho por medios rápidos, prácticos y eficientes. En esta carta se disponía que ningún hombre libre podría ser detenido, preso, ni desposeído de lo que legalmente se halle en su poder, ni tampoco privado de sus libertades, sin previa ley que lo justifique: "Nadie puede ser castigado de ninguna manera sino por sentencia legalmente pronunciada contra él, por sus iguales o pares, según la ley del país. A nadie debe rehusar el Rey pronta justicia, la que no podrá ser vendida a persona alguna." [Lea el texto completo pulsándo aquí]
La consagración y el reconocimiento constitucionales del conjunto de derechos y libertades propios del ser humano, resultarían insuficientes si no existieran instrumentos adecuados para una rápida y eficaz tutela que permita el control, unificación y sanción de sus violaciones, sin los cuales serían superficiales los esfuerzos encaminados a lograr un clima de respeto y seguridad de estos derechos humanos. El Constitucionalismo Moderno se ha caracterizado por tener un objetivo fundamental: el reconocimiento y la protección de la vida y la libertad de los ciudadanos. Las constituciones que son verdaderamente tales, se caracterizan por establecer un sistema jurídico y político que garantiza la libertad de los ciudadanos, y esto supone, por consiguiente, algo más que una mera racionalización de los centros de poder. Siguiendo esta línea, las constituciones han configurado un ordenamiento cuya pretensión máxima es la garantía de la libertad de los ciudadanos, y ello, hasta el punto que la libertad queda instituida, por obra de la propia Constitución, como un valor superior del ordenamiento jurídico. De ahí que los textos constitucionales y sus leyes complementarias, deben regular con meticulosidad los derechos fundamentales, articulando técnicas jurídicas que posibiliten la eficaz salvaguarda de dichos derechos, tanto frente a los particulares, como frente a los poderes públicos. Una técnica fundamental de protección de los derechos del hombre, específicamente del derecho a la libertad personal, es la institución del Habeas Corpus. Se trata de un instituto que cuenta con una antiquísima tradición y se ha evidenciado como un sistema particularmente idóneo para resguardar la libertad personal frente a la eventual arbitrariedad del los agentes del orden público.

En septiembre de 2006 se crea esta web en honor y defensa del Habeas Corpus como principio irrenunciable de la libertad y dignidad de ser humano, porque en esa fecha el presidente Bush Jr de los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica ha obtenido del Congreso la derogación de este derecho fundamental de la ciudadanía, otorgándose como presidente poderes despóticos para secuestrar y torturar seres humanos, reducidos a la arbitraria etiqueta xenófoba de "enemigo combatiente", en cualquier parte del planeta que es casa común de la especie humana.
La Unión Europea ha seguido la misma política fascista de Bush Jr. y en 2002 suprimió efectivamente el Habeas Corpus legislando la Orden de Detención Europea que permite extraditar a cualquier persona de un país miembro a otro sin que la autoridad judicial que ordena la extradición debe presentar prueba alguna de un delito real. El promotor de esta legislación anti-democrática, propia de regimenes totalitarios, es el republicano Graham Watson, quién en su fanatismo agradeció a Osama Ben Laden por ayudarle a enforzar este instrumento de violación masiva de los derechos fundamentales de la persona humana.

Polonia y España son los sistemas judiciales -influenciados por sus prolongadas dictaduras y la cultura nepotista resultante- que más abusan la ODE, esa nueva herramienta de tortura, ya que viola los derechos fundamentales, como la presunción de inocencia y aruina la vida de miles de inocentes europeos cada año.

Esa abolición de un derecho humano básico, que cada país democrático tiene el deber sine qua non de proteger, retrotrae el mundo al obscurantismo del absolutismo medieval. El Congreso de EEUU y el Parlamento Europeo han infligido así una herida mortal a la Democracia traicionando el ideal Democrático y a su poeta más grande: Walt Whitman.

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