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Miguel-Angel by Yohji Yamamoto

Out from Behind this Mask

Out from behind this bending rough-cut mask,
These lights and shades,
this drama of the whole,
This common curtain of the face
contain'd in me for me,
in you for you,
in each for each.
(Tragedies, sorrows, laughter, tears - O heaven!
The passionate teeming plays this curtain hid!)

Walt Whitman

(Image) Miguel-Ángel Meizoso by Yohji Yamamoto

Acerca del Dr. Miguel-Ángel Meizoso :

Although I am still far from wisdom, some of those who come to me make astonishing progress. They discover truth for themselves, not from me - and yet I am an instrument in the hands of God.

Biografía abreviada :

La luna, el alba, una lágrima...
También ellas hablan de tí, Madre.

Miguel-Ángel Meizoso came to the world a 7th August of the second half of the XX century, born from Spanish genitors living in Buenos Aires.
From his father, Manuel Meizoso Pérez, a fair man and excellent raconteur, he inherited Jew roots and Christian ethics with a practical commitment to Freedom and to political Justice, as Plato wanted. ... biography continues here.

Curriculum profesional abreviado :

Miguel-Angel Meizoso started his university education at the age of 17 studying in three universities (at the same time while he was working) in the fields of: Economy, Theology and Psychology.
At his final examination in Psychology, he was invited by the distinguished psychoanalist Dr Alejandro Wagner, the chairing professor, to teach within his team in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at the National University of Buenos Aires, where Jorge Luis Borges also taught.
Since 1979 - when the South american dictatorships (supported by the USA administration) threaten his life and caused the interruption o his teaching in the University of Buenos Aires, the Catholic University of La Plata and the High Institute for Professorship of Lomas de Zamora - he moved to Europe (Spain, France and the United Kingdom) where he has pursue postdoctoral studies in all relevant fields of Classical Humanism, namely Philosophy and Literature, under the tutorship of eminent authors such as: Michel Foucault, Pierre Hadot, Jacqueline de Romilly, Yves Bonnefoy, Maud and Octave Mannoni, Daniel Sibony, etc., etc.
He has also studied and continues to perfect several modern and classical languages.
While living in Paris since January 1981 to January 1991, he has been a reader for Éditions du Seuil and other alternative French editorial houses such as Verdier, requested to discover and evaluate new talents in Literature.
Out of his own, he has translated Jorge Luis Borges into French during that decade in Paris (translations praised by Yves Bonnefoy and Héctor Bianciotti, among others famous writers) and later in English. Some translations were published by Éditions Gallimard in different international French publications as a tribute to Borges in June 1986.
Later that year he was invited to talk on Borges, the greatest Anglo-Spanish intellectual poet of the XX century, at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Also the famous philosophers Jacques Derrida and François Lyotard had invited Miguel-Angel Meizoso to direct a Seminar on Borges works at The International College of Philosophy in Paris. He has also lectured several times over the last decades in North america and Europe.
Dr Meizoso is the only non French to have been promoted in 1981 to the direction of a public hospital institution in France (a so called "mandarin" post usually exclusive for their national doctors), a well done job for which he received recognition from eminent psychiatrists and psychoanalysts of international repute.
Dr Meizoso is the founder of Direct Care initiative in the National Health Service of the United Kindgom, and founder of the Friends of Borges organization. ...résumé continues here

Lista abreviada de recomendaciones y testimonios :

1) Dr. Maud Mannoni, psychoanalyst and writer, founder of Espace Analytique, international Center for Research and teaching in Psychoanalysis, and founder of the famous Experimental School of Bonneuil (for the treatment of Autism).

2) Dr. Jean Ayme, psychiatrist, former Head of Health services and president of the Hospital Psychiatrists association of France.

3) Dr. Roger Gentis, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and writer.

4) Dr. Daniel Sibony, mathematician, psychoanalyst, writer, professor at the University of Paris.

5) Dr. Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz, psychiatrist, writer, former Head of Service at Dupré Clinic and President of the Systemic Therapies Association.

5) Dr Bernard Dupuy, theologian and writer, former director of the Istina Institute and editor of its famous review.

6) Prof. Patrick-Daniel Baudet, philosopher and writer, former professor at the Imperial College of Champagnat and the famous École Normale de Paris.

7) Mr. Héctor Bianciotti, famous writer and literary critic for Le Monde. Of Italian roots and exiled from Argentina, Bianciotti made his home in France. He was the editor of Borges at Gallimard and is an actual member of the French Academy founded by Cardinal de Richelieu in 1635.

8) Miss Silvia Baron Supervielle, writer (and former cultural officer of the Argentinean Embassy in France during the dictatorship)

9) Mr. Michael Ryan, former Head of Health Services at The Cardinal Hume Center, London.

10) Mrs. Carol Hall Hart, former Head of Psychology Services in the British NHS.

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