Psicologoía para personas inteligentes


Freud couch Freud observó que la humanidad ha sufrido tres humillaciones a lo largo de su historia: primero el descubrimiento de Galileo que prueba que no somos el centro del universo; luego el descubrimiento de Darwin al probar que no somos la corona de la creación; y por último su propio descubrimiento del Inconsciente, probándo que no tenemos el control de nuestra propia mente.
La tendencia moderna de bucear hasta las raíces de nuestros problemas, hasta los traumas y emociones reprimidas de la infancia, comenzó con Freud.

[Foto: el diván de Freud en su casa de la calle Maresfield Gardens, en el famoso barrio de Hampstead, Londres.]

Cuidar a quiénes le importa la salud :

To match the needs of users we may divided the provision of psychological services in two major categories according to the type of users:
1) Individual
2) Collective

The Collective's category could, in turn, be divided in 2 other sub-categories of users each, according to the nature of the client's business:
A) Public sector
B) Private sector

Finally, according to the lucrative motivation of each collective, it could be distinguished between
a) For profit
b) Not for profit

Whether individual or collective, from the public or the private sector, working for profit or for an altruistic cause, all persons who want to examine their life, individually or collectively, aiming to improve their personal knowledge and to make a creative use of the potential of their human resources, could of course benefit from psychological consultation.

Turn on the radio to listen a fragment from Sigmund Freud's interview in London, on Dec. 7, 1938.
Transcript of the recorded fragment: "I started my professional activity as a neurologist trying to bring relief to my neurotic patients. Under the influence of an older friend and by my own efforts I discovered some important new facts about the unconscious in psychic life, the role of instinctual urges and so on."
The interview continued thus: "Out of these findings grew a new science, Psycho-Analysis, a part of psychology and a new method of treatment of the neuroses. I had to pay heavily for this bit of good luck. People did not believe in my facts and thought my theories unsavoury. Resistance was strong and unrelenting. In the end I suceeded in acquiring pupils and building up an International Psycho-Analytic Association. But this struggle is not yet over."
Sigmund Freud