Psicologoía para personas inteligentes


De cerca la vida es una tradegia, pero de lejos tiende a transformarse en comedia.

Un día sin reír es un día perdido.

Soy solo una cosa, justo una cosa, y esa cosa es un payaso. Eso me ubica en un plano muy superior que el de cualquier político.

Charlie Chaplin

(Foto)"Tiempos Modernos" de Charlie Chaplin

para entidades Privadas y Públicas

Although physical resources, capital, building, and equipment are important, most organizations, private and public, realize that the quality and quantity of their output is directly related to their human resources: the health, personal motivation and commitment to the collective goals of the individuals who made up their teams.

That is why the psychological examination and care of your human resources make a real difference for the best in life, as much for individual than for collective fulfillment.