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Qué es en verdad Psicología?

Mort de Socrates by J.L.David Sócrates: están acusando desde hace muchos años, con la agravante de que se dirigieron a vosotros cuando erais niños o adolescentes y, por ello, más fácilmente manipulables, iniciando un auténtico proceso contra mí, aprovechándose de que ni yo, ni nadie de los que hubieran podido defenderme, estaban presentes. Y lo peor es que ni siquiera dieron la cara, por lo que es imposible conocer todos sus nombres, a excepción de cierto autor de comedias. Ésos, pues, movidos por envidias y jugando sucio, trataron de convenceros para, que una vez convencidos, fuerais persuadiendo a otros ...
Apología de Sócrates, de Platón

[Imagen: La muerte de Sócrates por Jacques-Louis David.]

Psicología significa

science of the soul or understanding of the mind. Since its Greek origin, psychologia is the branch of metaphysics that studies the soul, called in English the mind, and its relationships with the functions of the body as the animating force of life, thus constructing a science to reach knowledge of the factors driving - 'behind the scenes' - one's life.

As the Greek etymology recalls, Psychology is an analytical discipline aiming to understand one's soul in order to govern and make sense of one's life. This discipline was born , like most contemporary sciences, in classical Greece some 2500 year ago. Socrates, the wisest teacher of mankind, is the father of Psychology; his maieutic method remains the clinical method per excellence if one wants to examine in depth any matter bearing on human life, whether this is a problem, a symptom or any other subject. Logically, this science or discipline of human life relies on the soul, namely on its highest faculty, the intellect. That is: in the human nature as a being of language, endowed with the ability to speak and to think, and thus to examines one's life, a critical instance which distinguish us from all animals or beasts.

Therefore, contrary to the American fashion or sycophantic beliefs such as the Behaviorism (which is but a pseudo science relying on the superficial and pursuing the totalitarian ideal of the programmable automata or perfected bio idiotic clone), the real thing psychology operates with the human faculty of understanding, through speaking one's mind in order to get rid of any suffering or symptoms and to discover the unconscious potential to fulfil one's own dreams in life.

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