Psicologoía para personas inteligentes


Woody on the couchFinalmente mis padres se dieron cuenta que estaba secuestrado, así que pasaron inmediatamente a la acción: alquilaron mi cuarto.

Woody Allen

[Foto: Woody Allen sobre el diván, en su famosa película Manhattan (1979) con Diane Keaton, Michael Murphy, Mariel Hemingway, Meryl Streep, etc.]

para Personas inteligentes

Individual consultations work on one to one basis.
This allow absolute confidentiality in order to examine in depth any problem you may want to treat, and reach an effective understanding of the causes at play, a necessary step to resolve any symptom that may cause you suffering.

The consultation starts when you contact us directly.

Frequent Asked Questions:

1. Who can benefit from Psychology?

Psychology can be useful to every one who wishes to examine his life and work out his mind, whether to get rid of a particular problem or to discover his hidden resources in order to employ them in constructing a fulfilling and creative life.

2. How to access your Psychology services?

Online, through this web site or, if you prefer, asking an appointment in our premises.

3. What kind of treatment would I be offered?

A true psychological treatment that relies on your good-will and intelligence to formulate any problem you may be experiencing and gradually get rid of any symptom. Gradually, you will be able to channel your energies into living up to your desire. Nevertheless, it is only you (and no one else) who can decide to take this opportunity for treatment. This is true for every clinical treatment but specially so for a psychological one, because its success depends on your active commitment to work out your problems in order to improve health and well being.

4. How long would you have to wait to obtaining a consultation?

DIRECT CARE INITIATIVE grants immediate access to every well-motivated person seeking the best psychological care. So you must wait not a minute for treatment if you show to be well enough motivated as to invest the time to get something you really desire.

5. What happens if you can not attend an appointment?

It is important that you let your clinician know as soon as possible (ordinary, al least 2 working days in advance) that you will not be able to keep the appointment. This allows another person to benefit from our consulting time.
In any event, a responsible use of a health service and professional resources will be expected from every adult person. Therefore, any unjustified non-attendance will imply responsibility for payment or automatic suspension from further appointments.

6. How to find a DIRECT CARE service?

Our services are now available online, thanks to the Internet technologies which allows communications through video and audio appointments in real time.
For those who prefer a more traditional setting or a meeting in person, appointments can be arranged in the premises of any of our practitioners. To check availability in your area, please send an email with your request, address and availability for appointments during week days.