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CHORUS: Look ye, countrymen and Thebans, this is Oedipus the great,
He who knew the Sphinx's riddle and was mightiest in our state.
Who of all our townsmen gazed not on his fame with envious eyes?
Now, in what a sea of troubles sunk and overwhelmed he lies!
Therefore wait to see life's ending ere thou count one mortal blest;
Wait till free from pain and sorrow he has gained his final rest.

[Imagen: OEdipus getting rid of the Theban Sphinx's enigma.]

Subscription to clinical and educational e-Services

is open to those from any walk of life with an interest in Psychoanalysis and its applications in different fields of significance for the improvement of life through the knowledge of the human spirit, namely of one's soul and others.

Subscribers will receive the following advantages:

- Access to site library and database
- Regular Newsletters
- Advance notice of upcoming events,
- Reduced fees for Seminars, Workshops and cultural events where applicable,
- One free consultation or supervision (for health professionals) per year transferable to a subscriber's guest.

Every effort has been made to keep the cost of services to a minimum, yet however modest your fees are indispensable to support the running costs of services and other related expenses.
You can register and paid online by international credit or debit cards. Your renewal date will be the date of your first subscription.

There are at least five categories of subscriptions:

1) Individual subscription
2) Discounted individual subscription : available to anyone on limited means due to life circumstances (sole support parent, benefits recipient, student, pensioners, etc.)

3) Corporative subscription : giving right to a free institutional consultation per year.
4) Charitable subscription: available only to Not for profit entities and giving right to a free institutional consultation per year.

Please note that we also run a charitable scheme for people lacking of financial autonomy or for Not for profit organizations seeking expert advice to dealing with the prevention or treatment of mental health problems. To support this charitable scheme we will be most grateful to anyone who may afford to become a Benefactor : any subscription over 30 euros per year. A gift of any amount would be gratefully received.

You will receive an email confirmation upon receipt of the ammount paid.
A follow-up letter with details of subscription number, username and password will be sent within 48 hours of notification of registration.

To request any additional information, or to report a problem, please contact us by email.

Thanks for your kindness.

Dr M. A. Meizoso, director of services