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Couple of psychologists chartered by the American Psychological Association - sister of the British Psychological Society- were hired by the Bush Jr administration to designed CIA tortures for Guantanamo prisoners; all with the complicity of their sycophantic association to this day

... more information in and in the website of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology

The Torture Report
how the CIA violated Human Rights & Democratic values

London Bridge murderer was poster boy for rehab scheme ('Learning Together' promoted by the Institute of Criminology of Cambridge University) he targeted

The London Bridge attacker was heralded as a success story of the rehabilitation initiative that he went on to attack, it emerged on Sunday night.
Learning Together, a Cambridge University programme, worked with Usman Khan in prison and after his release and used him as a case study to show how they helped prisoners.
Khan even wrote a poem and a thank-you note to organisers after they provided him with a computer he could use without breaching a licence that banned him from going online.
Just months later the 28-year-old used his connection to the rehabilitation initiative to get permission to travel to London and kill two of those people who were trying to help him.

...Prof Loraine R Gelsthorpe, the director of the Institute of Criminology at Cambridge, where both victims had studied, paid tribute to them in a statement on Sunday. She said Saskia’s “warm disposition and extraordinary intellectual creativity was combined with a strong belief that people who have committed criminal offences should have opportunities for rehabilitation.
Jack’s passion for social and criminal justice was infectious. He was deeply creatively and courageously engaged with the world, advocating for a politics of love. He worked tirelessly in dark places to pull towards the light.” full article in The Telegraph - and in The Guardian

Louise Porton, an evil mother who killed her two daughters because they "got in the way of her sex life" has been jailed for life.

Louise Porton denied killing three-year-old Lexi Draper and 17-month-old Scarlett Vaughan, who died 18 days apart last year.
But the 23-year-old, of Skiddaw, Rugby, was found guilty of their murder and on Friday she was jailed for a minimum of 32 years.
During her trial, jurors heard Porton did not seem distressed by the deaths.
Passing sentence at Birmingham Crown Court, Mrs Justice Yip described the murders as "evil" and "calculated".
"These were blameless young children who were plainly vulnerable and ought to have been able to rely on their mother to protect and nurture them," she said.
"Instead you took their young lives away."

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A six year old girl was murder because of the sycophantic gross misjudgment of the judiciary

Ellie Butler judge, Ms. Hogg, 'took unwarranted steps' to reunite her with violent parents Mrs Justice Hogg criticised by case review for ‘extraordinary’ decision to return child 11 months before her father -with the complicity of her mother- beat the child to death

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Pervert Michael Jackson 'stashed pictures of animal torture and nude children' inside locked closet at Neverland Resort

Investigators at the Santa Barbara sheriff's department reportedly made the macabre discovery during a raid on the star's home in 2003, when he was facing child sex abuse charges, according to a US news website.
The closet, which was said to have three deadlocks attached to it, was found at the rear of Jackson’s bedroom, Radar Online reported, citing what it claimed were court papers it had obtained from a source close to the investigation.

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Un trágico caso con clave pasional

Karina Román, la psicóloga de 35 años que se encontraba desaparecida desde hace tres días, murió ahogada el último lunes en las aguas del Río de la Plata, según informaron voceros policiales Fuentes del Legislativo aseguraron que el cuerpo de la mujer fue identificado por un hermano y una amiga de la víctima, de quien indicaron que atravesaba un cuadro depresivo por la ruptura de una relación sentimental. Voceros policiales indicaron que el lunes a las 23 hallaron un cuerpo flotando en el Río de la Plata, frente al Aeroparque metropolitano, el mismo día de la desaparición de la psicóloga; aunque fue identificado recién hoy por peritos forenses, luego de que sus familiares hicieron ayer la solicitud de paradero. La profesional trabajaba como asesora de la Comisión de Políticas de Promoción e Integración Social de la Legislatura porteña y además asistía a pacientes trasplantados en el Hospital Argerich.
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The sycophantic reductionism

Marilyn Monroe with Arthur Miller

Freud observed that Psychoanalysis may not survive in the Anglo-American culture, too keen to reducing concepts into practical norms in spite they lose thus their "soul" for the sake of practicality. For example the "analyst" psychiatrist of Marilyn Monroe ordered her to tape record "free associations" so he may listen them later, as if it were a lonely and perverse game... when Monroe died, the police investigator had met with the actress' psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson. During the interview Greenson played the Monroe tapes. Now the investigator decided to make them public
... more in Los Angeles Times

Watch and listen the interview with Arthur Miller about Marilyn Monroe

The chronic illness of NHS: a feudal and bureaucratic system

New NHS referral system costs £3millions for 63 bookings:
By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor of The Independent (opens in new window)

The intellectual and moral corruption of the actual NHS

The Spectator - Printable article Jan 2005 (link opens in new window)

...Like propaganda in a totalitarian state, the various procedures to which doctors are subjected in the NHS are not intended to inform, much less to persuade or to change anyone, but to humiliate them, to let them know who is boss and that Big Brother is watching them. ...

Private detective use soars as spouses spy on partners

The number of suspicious partners hiring private investigators to set up honey traps for their spouses surged last year as a string of celebrity divorce cases shone an uncomfortable spotlight on a business that usually remains shrouded in secrecy. The number of lawyers with clients using private detectives to confirm infidelity was up almost a third on last year, according to research published today by Grant Thornton, with more and more people following in the footsteps of high-profile figures who have turned to "private eyes"for help in establishing whether to end their marriage. Matthew Mellon, the American banking heir, was cleared of wrong-doing last year after he admitted hiring Active Investigation Services (AIS) to spy on his former wife Tamara Mellon, the founder of Jimmy Choo shoes, before their divorce in 2005. And Ingrid Tarrant, the ex-wife of Who Wants to be A Millionaire? presenter Chris was granted a divorce after private detectives confirmed he had had a 10-year affair with Fiona McKechnie, the deputy head of a primary school. But solicitors said yesterday that hiring the services of a private investigator was no longer the preserve of the suspicious super-rich. More than two-thirds of leading matrimony lawyers reported they had at least one client last year who paid detectives to spy on a partner – up from 49 per cent of lawyers the previous year and only 19 per cent in 2005. Of those clients, 64 per cent were women.
...more in The Independent

Facebook can ruin your life. And so can MySpace, Bebo...

People will post just about anything on social networking sites. And the information can be used against them. David Randall and Victoria Richards report. In the judicial backwater of a New Jersey federal court, a case is being heard that nominally affects two families but should also make millions of Britons think twice about something they do every day: put highly personal information on Facebook, MySpace or Bebo. An American insurance company, in defending its refusal to pay out a claim, is seeking to call in evidence personal online postings, including the contents of any MySpace or Facebook pages the litigants may have, to see if their eating disorders might have "emotional causes". And the case is far from a lone one. Suddenly, those saucy pictures and intimate confessions on social networking sites can be taken down and used in evidence against you in ways never dreamed of. In the US, a sex assault victim seeking compensation faces the prospect of her MySpace and Facebook pages being produced in court. In Texas, a driver whose car was involved in a fatal accident found his MySpace postings ("I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a drunkaholic") part of the prosecution's case. From Los Angeles to Lowestoft, thousands of social network site users have lost their jobs – or failed to clinch new ones – because of their pages' contents. Police, colleges and schools are monitoring MySpace and Facebook pages for what they deem to be "inappropriate" content. Online security holes and users' naivety are combining to cause privacy breaches and identity thefts. And what all this, and more, adds up to is this: online social networking can seriously damage your life.
...more in The Independent

London executive claims to had battered new born daughter to death to 'drive out devil'

A senior City executive and “totally devoted father” killed his two-year-old daughter by smashing her head against the floor because he believed she had been taken over by a “malign and satanic entity”, a court heard today.
Alberto Izaga, 36, the most senior executive in London for the insurance giant Swiss Re, thought he was on a mission and that there was a struggle between good and evil and the devil, the Old Bailey was told.
Mr Izaga, who had described his daughter Yanire as the “most precious treasure on earth” was rambling for several hours in June last year, after waking up in the early hours of the morning, about how executives were part of a sect and were taking over the financial world and an American film called Bug, about a man who had bugs beneath his skin.
With his terrified wife trying to ring for help, Mr Izaga grabbed his daughter from the nursery he had prepared and shook her before swinging her against the wooden floor. ...Jonathan Rees, for the prosecution, said that Mr Izaga was still rambling after 6am and told his wife that he had not slept for three days. She asked him to stop and go to bed, which he did but was unable to sleep and began crying and hitting his pillow before getting up and shouting.
When his wife asked him not to wake their daughter he went into her nursery, picked her up and began to shake her as his wife begged him to stop. He did and they sat together on the couch, the baby lying on her father's chest, but he began to shout about the film Bug again. His wife tried to leave the flat to get help but he blocked her path.
He then assaulted his daughter. She did not die straight away, but suffered multiple skull fractures and brain damage and was declared dead two days later.
...more in The Times - The Guardian

Man charged with Rachel Nickell murder 15 years ago

A man was charged today with the murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common in July 1992, the Crown Prosecution Service said.
Robert Napper, 41, will appear at City of Westminster magistrates' court on December 4.
The move follows a review of the notorious murder of the former model and lifeguard while she walked with her young son on July 15 1992.
Scotland Yard said: "Robert Napper, 41, has today been charged with the murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common on July 15 1992.
"He will appear before City of Westminster magistrates' court on December 4 at 10.30am."
Nickell, 23, was stabbed 49 times and sexually assaulted in a frenzied attack that led to one of the largest murder inquiries ever seen in the UK. Her two-year-old son, Alex, was found clinging to her, covered in his mother's blood.
Hilary Bradfield, of the Crown Prosecution Service's serious casework unit, said the charge against Napper followed a "painstaking" review of the murder inquiry, which "considered all aspects of the case in detail".
She said: "This week we have reached a decision that there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction and have authorised the police to charge [Robert Napper]."
A total of 32 men were questioned in connection with the murder. Police eventually targeted an unemployed man from Roehampton, south London, called Colin Stagg who was known to walk his dog on the common.
While there was no forensic evidence linking Stagg to the scene, attention soon focused exclusively on him and police attempted to obtain evidence against him through a complex sting operation involving an undercover policewoman, acting on the sicophantic advice of leader of the British Psychological Society well know for their anti-freudian militancy and pro-behaviourist militancy like that of the American Psychological Society who condon participation of their members in tortures practices by the Pentagon.
The case against Stagg was thrown out when it came to the Old Bailey in 1994 on the grounds that police had used a "honeytrap" plot to encourage him to confess. Police subsequently re-opened their inquiry.
Last year John Reid, then home secretary, agreed that Stagg should receive compensation. Legal experts say he could get £250,000-£500,000.
Scotland Yard launched a new inquiry into Nickell's murder after the collapse of Stagg's trial.
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Leaked Guantanamo Manual Reveals Torture Was Official Army Policy in which Psychologists Play a role

Just over a week ago, a major operating manual for the US military's prison camp at Guantanamo Bay was leaked and posted on the internet. Among other disclosures, it reveals that isolation and sensory deprivation of prisoners was official Army policy. We take a look at how this affects the debate within the American Psychological Association and the participation of its members in eupheumenical called "interrogations" which proper name is tortures.
The 238-page manual titled "Standard Operating Procedures for Camp Delta," is dated March 27, 2003, and signed by Army Major General Geoffrey Miller, who was then the commander of the prison.
The document shows that the military had an official policy of denying some prisoners any access to independent monitors of the International Committee of the Red Cross, or ICRC, something the military has repeatedly denied.
Another disclosure is the use of isolation and sensory deprivation techniques as a means of "preparing" detainees. It says incoming prisoners are to be held in near-isolation for the first two weeks to foster dependence on interrogators and "enhance and exploit the disorientation and disorganization felt by a newly arrived detainee in the interrogation process."
This disclosure has strong relevance to the debate within the American Psychological Association, which continues to condone psychologists' work on interrogations at Guantanamo and CIA black sites. Its counterparts, the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association, have both banned their members from participating in interrogations.
...more in Democracy Now - and in the web WikiLeaks where you can download a copy of the USA Manual for Tortures /
Also click on the screens above to watch a documental on a British lawyer representing victims of torture held in Guantanamo, and click on the screens below to watch a documental by Amy Goodman on participation of psychologists in torture with the Pentagon.

18 years old student used YouTube to advertise his school massacre in Finland

A teenaged gunman killed his headmistress and seven fellow pupils at a school in southern Finland today, hours after posting a chilling video on the YouTube website predicting the massacre.
After running rampage through the Jokela high school the gunman shot himself in the head, but survived and was taken to a hospital in an “extremely critical condition”, a police spokesman said. He was named in unconfirmed internet reports as Pekka-Eric Auvinen, 18, himself a pupil at the school.
The school shooting is thought to be unprecedented in Finland, where violent incidents are rare despite a high rate of gun ownership. In his YouTube postings and videos, the young man appeared to have more in common with the authors of some of the United States' worst massacres - including this year's Virginia Tech shootings.
The video - which has been deleted - shows a still image of a school that appears to be the Jokela school. The photograph fragments to reveal a red-tinted picture of a man pointing a gun at the camera.
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Hypocritical Oath: "Psychologists"(anti-Freudians) who Torture

"First, do no harm. This tenet of medicine applies equally to psychologists, yet they are increasingly implicated in abusive interrogations, dare we say torture, at U.S. military detention facilities like Guantanamo [concentration camp]. While the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association both have passed resolutions prohibiting members from participating in interrogations, the American Psychological Association refuses to, despite the outrage of many of its members.
Now, with the declassification of a report by the Pentagon’s inspector general detailing psychologists’ role in military interrogations, the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services announced it will investigate.
Dr. Leonard Rubenstein, executive director of Physicians for Human Rights, says such an “investigation into the development of torture techniques by the United States” would be “very significant. ... It should get into ... the use of psychologists in the development of the techniques..." the full article by Amy Goodman clicking here

And watch her informative shows on this significant matter in Democracy Now
Please also visit the web of Physicians for Human Rights and support the campaign against USA torture.

Spanish tycoon forced into mental health treatment after he assasinated his 2 years old daughter banging her head:

A millionaire insurance executive was sectioned under the Mental Health Act yesterday after his two-year-old daughter was found with severe head injuries at the family's apartment in central London. Alberto Izaga, 36, was arrested on Sunday morning after neighbours heard screams coming from the luxury £1m Thames-side apartment and called police. Mr Izaga's daughter, who is believed to be called Yanire, is in a critical condition in St Thomas' Hospital, central London. Mr Izaga, who is head of Life and Health Products at the insurance giant Swiss Re, has been examined by psychologists and was detained.
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Socratic Dialogue Gives Way to PowerPoint ...and much mediocrity:

For at least a century at many teaching and community hospitals, properly dressed doctors in ties and white coats have assembled each week, usually in an auditorium, for a master class in the art and science of medicine from the best clinicians. Before us was often a patient who sat in a chair or rested on a gurney and two doctors, one in training and the other a professor or senior doctor at the hospital. In a Socratic dialogue, they often led the audience in a step-by-step deciphering of the ailment. But in recent years, grand rounds have become didactic lectures focusing on technical aspects of the newest biomedical research. Patients have disappeared.
...more in The New York Times.