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...OEDIPUS: O King Apollo! may his joyous looks be presage of the joyous news he brings!...

CREON: Good news, for e'en intolerable ills, Finding right issue, tend to naught but good.

OEdipus the King by Sophocles

[Photo: Apollo's Temple at Delphi, Greece]

Welcome to Direct Care health and educational services on Psychology.

In the following pages you can find an introduction to the analytical concepts and ethics backing our psychological services. They are now made available on real time from the comfort and privacy of your home or office thanks to the Internet technology.

Our services try thus to offer equal and immediate access to all people, whether you are an individual or a collective, even if your place of residence is far away from a cultural metropolis on the planet Earth where, otherwise, it might has been impossible to access swiftly to high quality yet affordable services.

Service are available, for the moment, in three European languages: English, Spanish and French.

We hope that you would find these online services useful. Nevertheless, aiming to match your needs, we would appreciate comments and suggestions that you may kindly forward to us by email.

Kind regards.

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