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[Photo: Maud Mannoni (1923-1998) at her home in Saint Claude, Paris.]
Dr. Maud Mannoni and her husband, the philosopher and psychoanalyst Octave Mannoni, became great masters in the XX century for many generations of intellectuals working in Psychoanalysis and related fields of knowledge.
Like Jorge Luis Borges, Maud Mannoni was a well learned autodidact who, thanks to her extraordinary clinical achievements and intellectual contributions, won the recognition and friendship of eminent personalities during her life time; figures from all latitudes of the planet and from very different theoretical positions such as: Julia Kristeva, Donald Winnicott, Ronald D. Laing, Françoise Dolto, Jacques Lacan, Solange Faladé, Philip Sollers, Elizabeth Roudinesco, Armando Verdiglione, Charles Melman, Roger Ph. Gentis, Franco Basaglia, or David Cooper, ... to name but a few. Every contemporary who took the chance to frequent Mannoni and has benefited from her insightful genius, witty kindness and ethical committment, as an exemplary citizen of the world, will remember her as an extraordinary human being, a great pedagogue and genial clinician able to treating the most difficult mental illness.
Maud Mannoni is the founder of the international renown Experimental School of Bonneuil, near Paris, dedicated to research and treatment on autism and psychoses. She is also the founder of The International Center for Psychoanalytical Research and Education; also called Espace analytique with headquarters in Paris and branches in many countries. She is also the author of several books and was the founding director of The Analytical Space (L' Espace Analytique) collection at Denoël publishing.

Watch and listen (in French) the interview to Julia Kristeva, on the School of Maud Mannoni, by Caroline Deschamps.


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