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The Library of Babel is part of the Master Plan to recover, restore and develop the infrastructures of Can Mossenya state in order to resume and fulfil its historic, artistic and spiritual heritage since the foundation in 1300 as part of the Royal Chartreuse of Jesus of Nazareth.


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The Royal Library of Alexandre the Great

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The Name of the Rose, excellent tribute to the chaste life and genial work of the intellectual poet "Georgie" Borges

[Designs of the couples Borges-Eco and Borges-Bioy by the artist and journalist Roberto Aníbal Bobrow]

Click on the screens to enjoy the trailer and a fragment of the film based in the roman by Umberto Eco "The Name of the Rose", directed by Jean-Jacques Arnaud.

It is the best cinematographic interpretation of the life and work of Jorge Luis Borges (represented in the character of the blind librarian monk "Georgie").
In deed, Borges aka "Georgie" for his familiar circle, lived all his years as a monk, subjected to the inquisitorial authority of his overpowering Mother (a Roman Catholic devotee) who ruled over Georgie's choices (including delicacies of is works and the conclusive, significant sentenced, of the autobiographical tale "The Intruder").
Like the monk Georgie in Eco's film, Borges took refuge form the maternal authoritarianism in the heavenly library of the Father, readable in different language from the maternal Spanish (instead of Eco's Latin in the paternal English of Literature), in the passion of books and knowledge, and in male companionship like the everyday "English friendship" that united Borges with his young beloved master Adolfito Bioy Casares (in the film represented by the couple of actors Sean Connery and his disciple Christian Slater).



Christopher Marlowe Memorial Garden & silver plaque offered by Friends of Sir J L Borges...
False widow Kodama -who abused Borges works for her own gain- dies...
'Anatomy of Influence', a new work by Harold Bloom ...
Bioy reveals in his diaries that his lifelong companion Borges lived his final years in fear of the "bizarre" character of his assistant Miss Kodama...


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