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Directory and guidelines to contact us:

Treat others as you would like to be treated

Individuals and institutions are welcome to contact us, in particular when wanting to establish a relationship of mutual cooperation on the any of the following fields: culture, education, arts or on the field of civic action to promote democratic values, Human Rights, Freedom of conscience and expression or political justice wherever it may be needed on Earth.

The first contact should be by email. We consider and respond to all mails if the author acts honestly, that is: identifying himself or herself by the proper full name and indicating his/her address as well as his/her telephone number. We guarantee confidentiality when required by the subject or the author.

Calls by telephone or Internet (free of charge or not) can only be accepted when the person has previously been identified by email, thus at the moment of the incoming call our system of communication can recognize the caller.

This fair play rules applies also for audio or video interviews, while these also require to have made a previous appointment, fixing a date and an hour, in order to be available for the time needed for the virtual meetings over Internet.

The boxes for email contact, for each of the 4 entities composing this altruistic organization are the following:

The Friends of Jorge Luis Borges Worldwide Society

Contact by email to

The House of Asterion,
network of residences to host young talents

Please contact by email to

International Foundation Can Mossenya - Friends of Jorge Luis Borges

'The International Foundation Can Mossenya - Friends of Jorge Luis Borges' aimed to recover, protect and develop an historic, spiritual and artistic European heritage which was a significant part of the Royal Chartreuse of Jesus of Nazareth founded in 1309 by the Christian order of St. Bruno. This national heritage was threaten since 2006 by the widespread institutional corruption ransacking Spain, namely in the building sector. A corrupt institutional system: head of State, hair of dictator Franco; oligarchy of state parties controling the Judicial power encourages corruption and made Justice impossible.

Bref: institutional nepotist continuing Franco´s regime within the Hispanic picaresque of a large majority of individuals uneducated to citizenship responsibility. The very contrary of a Democracy.

Until the XX century, the lands of Majorca Chartreuse was of great natural beauty, whereas generations of creators found peace and inspiration for their works: Azorín, Antonio Maura, Chopin, George Sand, Manuel de Falla, Rubén Dario, John Singer Sargent, ... Jacobo Sureda and his plus ultra friend Jorge Luis Borges ... learn more. The scale of institutional corruption brought by the hair of dictator Franco has made impossible to continue this old tradition of hosting artists & intellectuals, and therefore the aims of the International Foundation Can Mossenya - Amigos de Jorge Luis Borges

Contact by email to

Asterion Players performing Arts Company

Contact by email to

The Maker publishing

Contact by email to

Direct Line on Internet

If you are already Member or if you have fulfilled the requirements published in this page, you can call us now by clicking on the Skype image below:
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Audio and video communications can also be established by Yahoo and Windows Messengers.

International Headquarters:

Our international headquarters are in The Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, capital of the United Kingdom (cradle of the Anglophile intellectual poet Sir Jorge Luis Borges), a lighthouse of Democracy, and the most multicultural, civilised metropolis of the world.

If you want to send any postal mail to us, you have to request our address by email :
However, we would only care to answer genuine emails that spells out the full identification and motivation of the sender (including full name and address).



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False widow Kodama -who abused Borges works for her own gain- dies...
'Anatomy of Influence', a new work by Harold Bloom ...
Bioy reveals in his diaries that his lifelong companion Borges lived his final years in fear of the "bizarre" character of his assistant Miss Kodama...


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