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The Asterion Players

" the life changing powers of Literature..."
West End Extra, August 2004


The Asterion Players are the performing arts company created by The Friends of Jorge Luis Borges Worldwide Society.

Their aim is to promote the love of reading and the joy of understanding works of great significance to mankind.

Through plays based on classical texts and biographical investigation, the Asterion Players will offer some insight into the human heart of immortal works.

The Company also aims to promote opportunities for new talents in all performing arts and related creative fields (writers, actors, dancers, musicians, technicians, etc.) as well as to encourage personal continuous education and ethical commitment as citizens of the Earth.

Since May 2005, on the experience and lessons of the previous two years, the company is working in house while creating a repertory of its own in order to be able to deliver all year round public performances.

The list of selected applicants who would qualified at the end of the seminar for membership of The Asterion Players will be communicated in due time.

Thanks for your interest.

Our thanks to over a hundred actors who have already applied to enter in the Company.
A list of applicants who had so far an opportunity to play in the Asterion Players can be consulted in The Company cast.

In hommage to our friend, the unforgetable Jazz artist Betty Carter:

Turn on the radio to enjoy Betty Carter
singing 'I Dont Want to Set the World on Fire'

And click on the screens to watch and listen Betty Carter interpreting Jazz at its very best ever:
"Lonely House" from her September Songs and "How High the Moon"

"Droppin' Things" and with Lionel Hampton singing "Cobb's Idea"

Betty Carter & Trio [Bruce Flowers - piano / Neil Caine - bass / Eric Harland - drums] - at the Nice Festival 1998 performing "Amazon" (Betty Carter -one of the best ever Jazz and Bebop singers- in one of her last filmed performances) and with Ray Charles singing "Baby it's Cold Outside"

And Betty Carter performing on David Sanborn show



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'Anatomy of Influence', a new work by Harold Bloom ...
Bioy reveals in his diaries that his lifelong companion Borges lived his final years in fear of the "bizarre" character of his assistant Miss Kodama...


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