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"He who reads a line of Borges
(re)discovers the best library..." : Get Involve : Volunteer

Praxis : cooperate as an Architect of Good

"The true treasure of a Man
is the good he does on Earth"

"We must recognise that the doctrine revealed by Swedenborg
is more moral and reasonable than one that postulates a mysterious gift
gotten, almost by chance, at the eleventh hour.
To begin with, it leads us to the practice of virtue in our lives. "
J L Borges

“Every man is guilty of all the good he didn't do.”

"Do not hire a man who does your work for money,
but him who does it for love of it."
Henry David Thoreau

"Du projet à la chose
longue est le trajet"

These pages outline the institutional aims of The Friends of Borges and the instruments we have created to reach them. That is to say : the measure of our hope and what so far we have progressed towards the goal.

If you share the ideals and would like to take part as an Architect of Good, you are most welcome to volunteer in the professional field or program of your choice.

Also we welcome personal projects to progress towards the goals set by the framework of our educational and cultural aims. For example, we would study proposals to encourage reading: Literature, Philosophy and to promote an ethic of responsible citizenship on Earth as home to Mankind.

Your benefits:

By getting involve as an Architect of Good you will enjoy the following advantages:

1) Opportunities to show your creativity, to apply your talents, to gain experience and to develop your professional career.

2) Your contribution will be publicly acknowledge.

3) We will be very pleased to recommend you to any future employer or client that may request a reference, as well as to institutions which support may be useful to further your education or career, etc.

4) All expenses related to your agreed collaboration would be paid; including materials, food and transport.

5) We will do our possible best to provide each Architect of Good with support to further your education and career.

6) As an Architect of Good you will qualify to apply for special awards.

7) As an Architect of Good you will enjoy the full advantages of membership of The Friends of Jorge Luis Borges Worldwide Society.

8) Last but not least, as an Architect of Good you will be giving priority to appointments in remunerate positions within our international organisation.


There are jobs for professionals and for students in every field, namely in the following ones:

[Please notice that the jobs can be performed from any location on Earth if you can use a computer with broadband connection to Internet.]


Civil Engineering

Topography & Survey

Graphic Arts,

Web Design

Translation [French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, etc.]


Media, Video and Cinematography

Performing Arts (Theatre, Music, Dance, Writing, Lightening and Sound technicians.)

Fundraising and Finances

Public Relations


Otherwise, the International Foundation Can Mossenya - J L Borges, welcome projects related to the preservation of the natural habitat and the spiritual, historic and artistic heritage of the ensemble of Royal Chartreuse of Jesus of Nazareth, in the Mediterranean island of Majorca, of which Can Mossenya estate is an historic part.


Guidelines to apply:

Please follow carefully these steps:

1) Visit the four entities and all pages of the web site of the Friends of Borges to understand the organization and its aims,

2) Send an email to with the following information:
a) What work would you like to do with the Friends of Borges?
b) What is your motivation to wish working for the Friends of Borges?
c) Your CV [stating your full name, date of birth, a document to prove identity, address, telephones]…

d) State in your application if you have access (through your own computer or through an Internet-Cafe) to audio-video conference systems free of charge (such as MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo, or Google Beta) in order to facilitate further communications between us and to arrange an immediate interview to find out how best could you get involve and what particular advantages you may expect if you work with the Friends of Borges.

e) Most jobs can be performed from any location on Earth equipped with computer and broadband connection to Internet.
However, if the job you want to do requires to move your residence to a different country of your nationality, please state if you hold that country citizenship or highlight on what legal basis would you qualify to obtain the necessary documentation to live and work in the host country.

f) Please make clear how many hours per week could you invest to make true your cooperation with us (note that a minimum of 4 hours collaboration per week is required to team with others, unless you are offering to run an specific project which might need its own timing to be completed) and to state what hours and days - from Mondays to Sundays - would you be available to entrust you the agreed tasks.

3) Please check that you have completed this basic information in order to be able to consider your application and to establish a useful relationship.

We look forward to welcoming you.



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