Argos, my beloved Friend, has been this past 15 years
the epicentre of my life: my Sun and my Moon
and every beautiful thing that deserves tears...

his poignant absence is and will be everywhere,
every remaining day of my life...

My first year
23rd April 2008-09

I was very young, playing with friends.

Wearing a red jersey

Playing with pebbles while landscaping one of my gardens

Enjoying the sun in one of my gardens

My second year

At my home on a sunny day, resting on the terrace
between the olive tree and my pond.

Watching from a window at home, a rainy day.

My third year

Walking on the beach a cloudy winter day

Exploring the beach among the dunes

Me on the sea

Enjoying a promenade on St Nicholas' garden

My fourth year

My fifth year

My sixth year

At Kenwood a Summer day

Walking in Hampstead

Investigating in the wood

Best friends

'In the arms of my best companion', by Nicolas-Alexandre [2009]

'With my best companion at The Champion in Notting-Hill, London
[31 Oct 2012]

My seven year 2014/15
With a best friend at the beach

April 2014

My eight year

Walking joyful to the Olympic Park Cafe
[April 2016]

My ninth year

23rd April 2017, my ninth birthday

Enjoying a Japanese Garden from my carrier

[Summer Nap at one of my gardens, Homer House]

My tenth year

Breakfast at a local pubs

From my sojourn in Japan,
March & April 2018

Sleeping a nap on a couch at Lala House, my home in Yokohama, Tokyo (March 2018)

Bravely standing up after 6 hours of heart surgery at Jasmine Veterinary Cardiovascular Medical Center, 9th April 2018

With best friend during one of my 3 visits per day at Jasmine Clinic, after open heart surgery to repair the mitral valve

My eleventh year

From my sojourn in Japan,
March, April & May 2018

Sojiji Budhist Temple, one of the many beautiful temples I visited in Japan, May 2018

Buddhist temple & cemetery near Lala House

My twelfh year

Enjoying a nap at home

My thirteenth year

[At my Olive Tree in St Nicholas, July 2020]

Summer in the Silver Coast

My fourteenth year

With my good friend Darwin, the Shiba Inu from Osaka, Japan
[photo by Mami Miyamura]

Summer in Portugal

My fifteenth year
2022- 16th December 2022

Argos drinking water at a Cafe, Summer 2022

Evening walk on Atlantic beach

September 2022 (walking again after stroke 4 days earlier)

Argos waiting for a friend at a Cafe, Summer 2022

Dreaming, on one of my beds, a lazy morning at Siddhartha House

[Gilberto Gil interprets
'VocĂȘ e Eu' (Carlos Lyra)]