The passing of our beloved friend ARGOS

We are always too young to die
Sir Jorge Luis Borges

Tum Iuno omnipotens longum miserata dolorem difficilisque
obitus Irim demisit Olympo quae luctantem animam nexosque resolveret artus.

Virgil's Aeneid

With deep sorrow I have to inform that my beloved Argos passed away.
Argos was at home with his two human companions, my friend Nicolas and me; he was only starting the 23rd day of the 8th month of his 15th year of life when his heart stop beating.

Nicolas and Argos were bound by a strong friendship, Argos looking over our friend all days long.
The past 15 years Argos has been the epicentre of my life, the compass of every hour, my Sun and my Moon, and every beautiful thing that deserves tears...

Since last Summer, the health of Argos deteriorated significantly, thus I have been watching over him night and day without rest; both of us spending the nights on the daybed of the ground floor library, as Argos needed frequent walks to the garden to urinate due to diuretics prescribed to treat his illness.

The last few days Argos, who was passionate about his meals, did not want to eat, he could only drink. Somehow I managed to serve him his many medicines dissolved in water, via a syringe, and very little food diluted in lactose free milk that he used to like.

On Thursday the 15th after consulting his French cardiologists online, two kind female Vets – Yoorana and Emiliane- came to examine Argos at home at 11pm. They were about to inject him some morphine to reduce an abdominal pain when, a few minutes past midnight, the heart of Argos suddenly stop beating. Argos was in my arms, our friend Nicolas was giving him oxygen and caressing his head.

Now I also suffer from regrets of not knowing at times to respond correctly to the needs of Argos, to his expectations from me: his everyday companion... The lack of sleep made my brain slow and my movements clumsy... If only I had taken him to his Vet at the start of the week, would he still be alive?
Yet I believe Argos was telling us that his soul was eager to break free from his body, as the body has became a prison due less to old age than to genetic and degenerative illnesses caused by criminal breading (please watch the BBC documentaries 'Pedigree Dogs Exposed' in the page Beasts of this website) ...

Since then we have been mourning in tears the passing of our best friend Argos, our hearts pierced by an incessant pain. His poignant absence is and will be every where, every day for the rest of our lives...

That fateful Friday afternoon we managed to take care of the last rites, personally: cremating his body and bringing home the ashes of Argos in an urn.
This urn is now in the library, next to the beautiful photo of the 3 of us with Atsuko, a Japanese friend, in our Yokohama flat, in the Spring 2018, and the portrait of Argos by our neighbour Kiyomi. In this improvised altar honoured by the constant light of a burning candle, a digital screen projects slowly hundreds of photos documenting unforgettable moments during the life of Argos...

My consolation is the hope that the loving soul of Argos has been welcomed by Homer, by Socrates, by Odysseus and his faithful dog ... in their immortal Isle of the Blessed; and that my ashes will rejoin his ashes to be scattered together in a few places where we had enjoyed wonderful moments during the past 15 years.

In memory of Argos, I wish each humane reader of these words: health & joy in the years ahead.

Miguel-Angel Meizoso
London, this 31st December 2022

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I, Argos, have enjoyed all my meals at table

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I hope your human compagnon will allow you to enjoy meals at table, as I do every day.
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