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Cassandra Wilson sings 'Throw It Away' of Abbey Lincoln: Harmonica - Gregoire Maret; Guitars Left - Marvin Sewell; Guitar Right - Brandon Ross; Acoustic Bass - Reginald Veal; Drums - Herlin Riley; Percussion - Lekan Babalola.

Welcome to the House of Asterion

network of residences propitious to develop young talents

... its doors (whose numbers are infinite) are open day and night to men and to animals as well. Anyone may enter. He will find here no female pomp nor gallant court formality, but he will find quiet and solitude.
'The House of Asterion'
by Sir Jorge Luis Borges

It was on 23rd April 2009 -the day of St George, a new Shakespeare and Cervantes' anniversary and the first year of our beloved cavalier Argos- that we started opening the House of Asterion, our network of residences to host young talents.

It was after years of constant work that the first residences 'Asterion House' opened under the Time's meridian, at the heart of the most cosmopolitan city in the world, London, capital to one of the few democracies on the planet Earth [as long as the UK keeps the MP's uninominal constituencies; however there is room for some improvement...; to learn what Democracy is, please read 'A Pure Theory of Democracy' by Antonio Garcia-Trevijano].

In association with The Friends of Jorge Luis Borges Worldwide Society, each Asterion's House provides a home to gifted individuals wanting to develop their education within a propitious environment for intellectual and artistic maturation, in an atmosphere of mutual learning with opportunities to create and show works to the public; thus encouraging the fulfilment of each other talents.