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How to book a room in a House of Asterion

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To be able to consider your application it is important that you communicate us by email: your full name, address, contact details; together with a CV; caring to explain what do you aim to achieve in London, what is your project and motivation as well as your expectations concerning the House of Asterion; your detail needs; explain your financial situation and what period of time are you seeking accommodation in our London residences.

All complete applications will be treated confidentially, and will be acknowledged on reception.

For a reasonable possibility of obtaining accommodation, applications need to be done well in advance of the period you want residence in a House of Asterion (applicantions must be received at least a full year in advance, but two years earlier would increase your chances).

We endeavour to carefully consider each application and to respond as soon as possible.

Once your application is accepted, you will be invited for interviews using the new technologies. If your application is selected, we will be glad to arrange a visit to a House of Asterion were accommodation for you would be available.

Please note that we receive such a high number of enquiries that we do not accept contacts by telephone; we can only respond by email if all relevant information, in compliance with these basic guidelines, has been communicated to us in English.

Short and long term residence:

If you want to further your education in London, planning to pursue a master class or doctoral or post-doctoral studies in any field of the Humanities: Philosophy, Literature, Theology, Classical Languages, Arts, Music, Architecture... as well as modern disciplines: Cinematography, Photography, Performing Arts, etc. or want to pursue master classes on a relevant artistic field to further your vocation, you are most welcome to apply for residence in a House of Asterion.

Academics, Lecturers and advance students of local educational institutions such as the University of Greenwich, Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music & Dance, University of East London, Goldsmiths College of Arts, University of London, Ravensbourne University, ...etc; are also welcome to apply for residence in a House of Asterion.

We care to compose communities of residents where the affinities and vocations of each other meet in harmony, were mutual encouragement would stimulate your project and help the progress towards your specific goals.

Cultural sojourns:

If you are planning a holiday or cultural visit to London during Summer or New Year periods or special artistic or intellectual events, you are welcome to apply for accommodation in a House of Asterion.

To apply for room in one of our residences please feel welcome to contact us by email -with all relevant information to enable us to consider your application- at