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"He who reads a line of Borges
(re)discovers the best library..."
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"Thou hast as chiding a nativity
As fire, air, water, earth, and heaven can make,
To herald thee from the womb"

[PERICLES, from "Pericles Prince of Tyre"]
by William Shakespeare

"At a time in the world
there are only twelve readers of Shakespeare."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Where reading starts ends superstition."
Jacques Lacan

Four elements

meet in the altruistic organization of the Friends of Borges, as four complementary tools to work in the promotion of artistic and intellectual talents along with the acquisition of civic virtues to succeed the accomplish artist or thinker who will be also a responsible citizen in the world as William Blake wished.

We invite all readers who value their own improvement and that of our fellow citizens on Earth, to cooperate in reaching these aims

water = The Friends of Jorge Luis Borges Worldwide Society was created at the dawn of third millennium by a grateful reader with the aim of promoting personal education by the study of Borges, taken his works as a thread of Ariadne to walk the labyrinths of Philosophy and Literature in quest of some wisdom. In this way, to encourage poetical, artistic and intellectual talents in new generations of mankind as well as promoting ethic citizenship of the Earth -embodying responsibility, critique, freedom and solidarity at once- as Socrates taught us by his praxis... learn more

earth = The House of Asterion, our network of residences to host artists and intellectuals in London
'The International Foundation Can Mossenya - Friends of Jorge Luis Borges' aims to recover, protect and develop an historic, spiritual and artistic European heritage which was a significant part of the Royal Chartreuse of Jesus of Nazareth founded in 1309 by the Christian order of St. Bruno. This national heritage is today threaten by the widespread institutional corruption ransacking Spain, namely in the building sector; also by the lack of separation of powers that makes Justice impossible,
and the continuation of a penal system and institutional nepotist characteristic of Franco´s dictatorship and the Hispanic picaresque with a large majority of individuals uneducated to citizenship responsibility who help not to advance democracy. Until the XX century, this land was of great natural beauty, whereas generations of creators found peace and inspiration for their works: Azorín, Antonio Maura, Chopin, George Sand, Manuel de Falla, Rubén Dario, John Singer Sargent, ... Jacobo Sureda and his plus ultra friend Jorge Luis Borges ... learn more

fire = The Asterion Players is a performing Arts company based in London, the Olympic capital which bore to the world the infinite William Shakespeare, and the gift of his prodigious memory to Borges. His twelve readers know that in The House of Asterion , which gave name to our company, is at play the central heart, the one untouched by time, by joy, by adversities. The central heart of lasting Literature that we will endeavor to stage with a view to promote the love of reading and the joy of understanding works of great significance for human life... learn more

air = The Maker publications is a tool for cultural action by producing works - books, videos and other artistic objects - of substantial content and aesthetic beauty in order to open the appetite for intellectual and ethical education of fellow citizens who will value caring for the planet Earth and will act accordingly for their personal improvement and that of mankind... learn more

The motion strip of the upper banner symbolizes Emerson's metaphor:
Twelve Masters or Pedagogues, for all the immortal Blessed ones who through Time converge in Borges works (as the strip unfolds): Homer, Socrates, Plato & Socrates, Virgil & Dante, Averroes, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Whitman, Verlaine & Rimbaud, Maimonides, Wilde and Victoria Ocampo (a patron).
Twelve Readers, for all present and future Friends, (from left to right): Georgie & his lifelong companion Adolfito, Santiago, Borges & Edelberg, Saer, Atlan, Bloom, the author of The Name of the Rose, Vargas Llosa, Sibony, Saramago, Allen and Walcott.
For more information visit the Honoris Causa page.
The sentence "He who reads a line of Borges (re)discover the best Library" is by the founder of this organization [Dr. Meizoso].
London 12th October 2005

NB: Information up dates are daily done in various pages of the Spanish, French and English editions of this website (chose in the upper icons your language).

'Academia Vocation Prize' awarded to The Friends of Borges NGOs
by The Book Foundation [sculpture by the artist Leo VINCI] at
The Book International Fair of Buenos Aires 2002, the motive of the year was 'A City of Books'

Enjoy Betty Carter singing 'How High The Moon' at the Carnegie Hall, New York (1994).
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Christopher Marlowe Memorial Garden & silver plaque offered by Friends of Sir J L Borges...
False widow Kodama -who abused Borges works for her own gain- dies...
'Anatomy of Influence', a new work by Harold Bloom ...
Bioy reveals in his diaries that his lifelong companion Borges lived his final years in fear of the "bizarre" character of his assistant Miss Kodama...


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